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The Open Source Law Weekly Digest or OSWALD first launched late in 2002. Since then it has been regularly providing updates on all things open source related. The focus of this newsletter is on business, rather than technical developments in open source. Another strong component of the newsletter is IP news, as it is of interest to me and has an effect on open source.

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OSWALD #507 Period ending 2 February 2014

Welcome to the Open Source Law Weekly Open Source Digest (OSWALD)

As is customary at this time of year, I have grouped together year in review/year in prospect stories. Apart from these, the main areas of interest are all things Steam (hardware and OS) and non-Windows based computers, with Chromebooks, and Firefox OS garnering a fair bit of attention. OpenCloud is also receiving some attention. Many Gov/Policy stories. In particular, the UK Government is planning to use open source office software and to ditch Office. Time will tell if this is a negotiating ploy. If they mean it, it is big news.

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***** Year in Review/Year in Prospect

***** Off Topic

Obama Task Force Makes Recommendations for US Surveillance Overhaul

The report states that the U.S. government has a constitutional obligation to uphold the rights of individuals as defined in the Fourth Amendment, which declares that "the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated."

Oracle's Oregon Website Failure

Unlike other states that were happy to merely have a website to help guide their residents through the unknown territory that is the Affordable Care Act, Oregon wanted to put all of their health care eggs into this one Internet basket. In addition to insurance for individuals, they wanted the site to handle business health insurance as well as Medicaid and just about every other interaction a resident may need to have with the government concerning healthcare. That level of complexity is part of the reason why the site has cost so much money and one of the reason’s why it’s not yet operational.

Java Primary Cause of 91 Percent of Attacks: Cisco

The Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report found that Java represented 91 percent of all Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) in 2013. What that means is that the final payload in observed attacks was a Java exploit, Levi Gundert, technical lead, Cisco Threat Research, Analysis, and Communications (TRAC), explained to eWEEK.

Quantum physics could make secure, single-use computer memories possible

However, Liu has observed that in certain kinds of physical systems, it is very difficult to create and use entanglement, and shows in his paper that this obstacle turns out to be an advantage: Liu presents a mathematical proof that if an adversary is unable to use entanglement in his attack, that adversary will never be able to retrieve both messages from the qubits. Hence, if the right physical systems are used, the conjugate coding method is secure after all.

Will DuckDuckGo eventually destroy Google in search?

In a time when our privacy is continually being eroded, and every day there seems to be a new revelation about government surveillance, many people are looking away from major search engines like Google and Bing and moving to DuckDuckGo, a service that guarantees it doesn't save your search information.

China builds own phone OS, aims to be more secure than Android or iPhone

China, wary of operating systems from the Western world, has built a new smartphone OS that it believes will be more secure than the likes of Android and the iPhone. While China claims it as its own, the OS looks like it's based on Android.

Ultra-secure Blackphone to run Android-based PrivatOS

Geeksphone and Silent Circle announced an Android-derived, ultra-secure “Blackphone,” and images of Geeksphone’s Intel-based “Revolution” phone broke cover.

***** Government/Policy

Open source push could save taxpayer millions

Since 2010 government departments have spent £200m on Microsoft Office alone, claimed Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude in a speech yesterday. Switching to open source alternatives would break the “oligopoly” of IT providers, he said, outlining a set of standardised document formats for use across Whitehall.

It Was Never About Innovation

No, as I see it, open source led to more innovation and took over the data center because of the basic ground rules that were laid down from the beginning with the intent of creating an ecosystem that espoused the four freedoms as enumerated by Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation.

Federal Agencies Embracing Use Of Open Source Software Code

Open source 'wasn't available' two years ago, says Universal Credit chief

Howard Shiplee told the Work and Pensions Committee this week that the department is now using open source technologies in its enhanced version of Universal Credit, which was initially developed by the Government Digital Service (GDS) and will be rolled out nationally by 2017 for most claimants.

City of Munich loving its switch to Linux

"All project objectives were achieved and in some cases even exceeded," the council said. One of the goals was to migrate 12,000 desktops to LiMux, but in the end, the city managed to create over 14,800 LiMux workspaces for its approximately 15,500 desktops.

The Tyranny of the Clouds

In this model, there is no incentive for service providers to voluntarily open up their data or services to other service providers. There is, however, an incentive for competing service providers to be more open with their products.

Returning to Ground from the Web's Clouds

Thus, we've traded our freedom for the conveniences of centralization. The cure for that is decentralization: making the Net personal, like it promised to be in the first place—and still is, deep down.

OpenSaaS and the future of government IT innovation

For government agencies in particular, OpenSaaS presents a profound opportunity to both save tax dollars and increase agility, all while affording government buyers more freedom and control over key technologies that are driving government innovation today.

Fine Gael calls for open source browser crackdown

Irish politician Patrick O'Donovan of the Fine Gael party has called for a crackdown on open-source browsers, calling them a gateway to an 'online black market' filled with 'illegal goods such as drugs, weapons and pornography' - but may, perhaps, be merely confused as to his terminology.

Mozilla CTO Eich: If your browser isn't open source (ahem, ahem, IE, Chrome, Safari), DON'T TRUST IT

Mozilla CTO Brendan Eich has cautioned netizens not to blindly trust software vendors, arguing that only open-source software can be assured to be free from government-mandated surveillance code.

Blame FUD for Microsoft's Dominance in Schools

“Dear Parent or Guardian, “Your student will need Microsoft Office on her home computer this semester in order to complete her studies.

Italian govt agencies to consider Free Software before commercial software

The Italian Digital Agency has recommended that its government’s agencies consider Free Software alternatives before purchasing licenses for commercial software.

UK's security branch says Ubuntu most secure end-user OS

The Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG), the group within the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) that assesses operating systems and software for security issues, has found that while no end-user operating system is as secure as they'd like it to be, Ubuntu 12.04 is the best of the lot.

***** Patent/CR/DRM News+Policy

Microsoft FAT patent loss endangers its Android revenue

The Bundespatentgericht (Federal Patent Court of Germany) has ruled that that Microsoft's European Union (EU) patent EP0618540 for its File Allocation Table (FAT) or "common name space for long and short filenames" is entirely invalid.

Google deepens involvement in open-source patent effort

Expanding its involvement in an open-source legal defense effort, Google has joined the board of the Open Invention Network, an organization that cross-licenses patents to try to reduce the risk of lawsuits against those using Linux and another open-source software projects.

***** Implementations

Ubuntu Used to Design and Control the Atlas Humanoid Robot for a DARPA Challenge

The Ubuntu operating system has been spotted in an Lockheed Martin video about a humanoid robot they're building, called Atlas.

***** Applications/Gadgets

Pentaho launches open source community edition 5.0

Pentaho Community Edition is the newest version of Pentaho's open source data integration and business analytics platform-a powerful set of tools for developers, promoting innovation, participation and cooperation.

Android eyewear beats Google Glass to market

The M100 sells for $500 less than the developer version of Google Glass, listing at $1,000. However, this is twice the $500 price that Vuzix projected back in January when it unveiled the device at CES.

Testing the New ZaTab Open Hackable Android Tablet

The ZaTab is unlocked so you can do whatever you want with it, just like a PC.

The first supercapacitor-powered portable speakers are open source

On top of that, if you're a huge electronics company, it's in your interest to build products that don't last as long, because you would effectively be eating into your own market down the road. This is a misalignment between the interests of consumers and the interests of electronics manufacturers.

Netflix open sources its data traffic cop, Suro

Netflix is open sourcing a tool called Suro that the company uses to direct data from its source to its destination in real time.

Airtame wants to mirror (almost) any screen to any other screen

The main differentiating factor between Airtame and other screen mirroring solutions already available is that it works with (and in between) Windows, OS X, and Linux.

MintBox 2 review: Linux Mint in a compact, powerful computer

A year on, and a second MintBox has been released, imaginatively titled the MintBox 2, and is worlds better than the original.

Etherpad : A Real Time Web Based Online Collaborative Document Editor for Linux

Etherpad is a web based free document editor tool which allows a group of users to work jointly on a document in a real time, like a multi player editor which runs on a web browser.

RJ45-sized Linux networking server goes IPv6

As before, the XPort Pro Lx6 measures only 33.9 x 16.25 x 13.5mm and weighs 9.6 grams. The 32-bit Freescale ColdFire MCF5208 SoC appears to be the same, but instead of coming standard with 8MB SDRAM, it now ships with the previously optional 16MB.

$38 Android tablet the new king of cheap

Datawind is bringing three commercial “UbiSlate” versions of its 7-inch, Android 4.0 Aakash tablets to the U.S., including a model that starts at $38.

Here Comes Linux Powered Lini PC With Intel Haswell Processor

It is priced starting $399 for a model powered by a 3 GHz Intel Pentium G3220 dual-core processor based on Haswell architecture, 4GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive, and Xubuntu.

OPPO N1: The first CyanogenMod Android smartphone is on its way

CyanogenMod, the popular alternative Android operating system for smartphones, has always been for people who wanted a newer version of Android for their older smartphones. Now, for the first time, Cyanogen, CyanogenMod's parent company, in partnership with Oppo, a high-end consumer electronics company, are about to release the first dedicated CyanogenMod smartphone: The OPPO N1.

Canonical Launches Android and Ubuntu Touch Dual Boot App

It’s been hard to adopt Ubuntu Touch until now because a lot of the Nexus users also have an Android system and don’t want to erase everything. This problem should be solved now with the release of this tool, which comes at a great time, right after Canonical just published one of the most stable versions of Ubuntu Touch.

$59 open SBC runs Linux on quad-core Exynos

As with other Odroid SBCs, the U3 runs a variety of Linux OSes including Android, and is supported with discussion forums, schematics, source code, and documentation available at the Odroid open hardware community website.

New Geeksphone to run Android and Firefox OS on x86

Mozilla’s hardware partner for unlocked Firefox OS phones revealed that it is prepping a new phone that will run both Android and Firefox OS, on an Intel processor.

Terasology Open-Source Survival & Discovery Game New Build

Terasology is an open-source survival and discovery game with influences from Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress, and Dungeon Keeper. The game is in a pre-alpha state, but it's already fun to play!

The Windows killer: Chromebook

None of this has been lost on the OEMs. In 2012, only Acer and Samsung had seriously invested in Chromebooks. By the end of 2013, all the major OEMs were making them. Of the top five PC OEMS, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer and Asus are all onboard. Dell, the last holdout, announced its Chromebook in December 2013.

Huawei Unveils Android-Based Tron Game Console,2817,2429364,00.asp

Huawei is set to enter the console wars with its own Android-based mini-console. The Chinese company unveiled the "Tron" this week at the Consumer Electronics Show and it could hit the market in May for a mere $120 or less.

Kids tablet runs Android 4.4 on 64-bit Intel Atom

The DreamTab is an edutainment collaboration between Fuhu, developers of the popular Nabi line of Android kids tablets, and both Intel and DreamWorks Animation. Designed for ages 5-7, the tablets will be available in 8- and 12-inch versions with full HD IPS resolution, and will ship with 16GB or 32GB of flash storage.

S3mper Fi! Netflix open sources library to make Amazon S3 even more awesome

This time out, it’s open-sourcing the s3mper library it’s been building and testing to ensure better consistency of data stored in Amazon Web Services’ gigantic S3 storage service. S3mper is now available under the Apache open source license version 2.

Linux powers AR-15 rifle targeting system

At CES, the company showed Hutchinson a new “precision guided firearm” in an AR-15 form factor. The gun combines a TI OMAP processor and its sensors to produce the same kind of assisted aiming Hutchinson first saw in an unwieldy bolt-action hunting rifle.

Linux powers smart LED bulbs, crockpot, maker kit

Like all these controller platforms, Belkin’s WeMo home automation family features Linux-based embedded software and a low-cost, expandable ecosystem of products that provide smartphone access to various wireless-enabled gizmos around the home.

A10 Networks Debuts Thunder DDoS Hardware (Linux Powered!)

A key capability of of the TPS is its ability to defend against volumetric DDoS attacks, as well as other forms of attack.

Linux-powered telepresence robot gets personal

Suitable Technologies is accepting 1,000 pre-orders at $995 for Beam+, a smaller, less costly, consumer model of its Linux-powered “Beam” mobile telepresence robot.

Tiny hacker SBC offers robot-friendly Linux distro

The Kickstarter-backed “Rex” is a $99 robotics SBC with a DSP-enabled Cortex-A8 SoC, camera and audio I/O, dual I2C ports, and an Arduino-friendly “Alphalem OS” Linux distro.

PiPad: The Raspberry Pi tablet

The first homebrew tablet with a Raspberry Pi for its heart has been created.

Tiny $14 ARM9 module runs Linux

The new Arietta G25 computer-on-module (COM) is equipped with the same Atmel AT91SAM9G20 processor used by an updated Fox G20 SBC, as well as a newer 24-Euro Aria G25 COM that is more closely related to the Arietta G25 (see farther below). The Tux Case is still available, as well.

Snapdragon COM powers wearable and mini-PC

Intrinsyc has announced five design wins for the Open-Q 8074 SOM in recent months. The products include an unnamed robotics design, and two other mystery devices. This week, Intrinsyc followed up with two more design wins: the MiWorld PCS mini-PC from Myth Innovations (see details farther below), and an unnamed, Android-based wearable device.

Professional Video Editor `Lightworks` 11.5 Goes Stable For Linux

It's also worth mentioning that Lwks announced a while back that Lightworks will become open source. That was four years ago and I'm not entirely sure what's the current status of that, but hopefully Lightworks will go GPL at some point.

***** Reports

Steam's November Hardware Survey - Linux Still Mostly Holding Itself Up

Here is the latest instalment of Steam's Hardware Survey, as usual we do our monthly thing and compare it and talk about it and make sure you know not to use it as a hard figure.

An open source, infinitely scalable Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)

InfiniSQL is a massively scalable relational database system (RDBMS), composed entirely from scratch (not built upon some other technology). There is reproducible benchmark data described on InfiniSQL's blog proving that it can perform over 500,000 complex, multi-node transactions per second with over 100,000 simultaneous transactions—all on only 12 small server nodes.

Android 4.3 rollout for Samsung Galaxy S4 resumes

Samsung initially stalled the update in November to investigate reports 4.3 was causing numerous issues including battery drain.

Use your open source contributions to get a job

So, I started CodeDoor, a platform that limits the vetting process to if you have contributed to open source.

Linux Is the Only Way to Protect Against Potential Sound-Transmitted Malware

A new type of malware that is using sound to transmit itself has been developed by scientists and it seems that the Linux systems are the only ones that can be protected against this kind of attacks.

Canonical: Ubuntu TV Lives, But Linux Smartphones Come First

Canonical has not abandoned Ubuntu TV, but it is focusing for now on delivering smartphones powered by Ubuntu Linux, according to Community Manager Jono Bacon.

Linux Foundation Expands Its Membership Roster

Gaming giant Valve is now firmly behind Linux.

New 3D Metal Printer Is Open Source and Affordable

Until recently, most of the 3D printing hype has swirled around plastic 3D printers, which have been used to make everything from clothing to art. And while 3D metal printers do exist, their price tag starts at a half million dollars. Now, scientists have built an open-source 3D metal printer that costs under $1,200, sharing their design and software with the maker community.

Beautiful design can drive user adoption of open source software

There are hundreds of other examples where you will see design and user experience having a great impact on product adoption rates and continuity.

Google Ramps up Cloud Efforts as Compute Engine Matures

Google has announced its plans to launch a new infrastructure-as-a-service offering called Google Compute Engine.

Why Your Mobile Analytics Kit Wants To Be Open Source

Therefore, I found it fascinating to sit down recently with a German entrepreneur using an open source approach to disrupting the mobile application market. Paul Müller is the CTO and co-founder of Adeven, a mobile advertising tracking and analytics company based in Berlin that is entering the U.S market to compete with firms like Has Offers, Apsalar, Localytics and Flurry.

SkyJack software can hijack any drone, Prime Air drones included

Below is a video of the author describing how a dronejacking attack can be pulled off using his software. Any other information, including links to the code and hardware used, is available on the author’s home page.

What's next on Facebook's mobile agenda: Open source

After spending the last 18 months retooling Facebook as a "mobile company," Pearce revealed that the next front is pushing those developments to the open source community.

The next level of open health data tracking is good for you

On the researcher end, scientists could query personal databases without allowing the server access to any personal identification information. Their information would then be used to test any given hypotheses. The test would be performed, and the results would be made publicly available.

You Say Microsoft Isn't Committed To Open Source

If you’ll remember, Mr. Gardler tried his best to convince us that Microsoft has changed and that they’re no longer the big, bad wolf when it comes to open source. In fact, he used the word “change” so often when referring to Microsoft that we began to think we’d passed through a rift in the time-space continuum and were back in 2007 at an Obama rally.

NTRU crypto software available to open-source community

NTRU is a public key cryptosystem that uses lattice-based cryptography to encrypt and decrypt data. It consists of two algorithms: NTRUEncrypt, which is used for encryption, and NTRUSign, which is used for digital signatures.

Proprietary Unix Continues to Fall

Along side the drop in proprietary Unix systems is an associated rise in sales of X86 servers running Linux.

How to Resurrect a Dead Open Source Project

What is Forked? It’s a site that resurrects abandoned open source projects. And that’s a welcome thing.

Linux Revenues Rise as UNIX and Windows Servers Fall in 3Q13

IDC also saw softness in Microsoft's Windows Server, with revenue of $6.1 billion, down by 1.3 percent on a year-over-year basis. In contrast, IDC is seeing continued growth from Linux, with revenue coming in at 3.4 billion for a 5.6 percent gain.

OpenCRX: An open source Salesforce alternative is the go-to customer relationship management (CRM) solution for many companies. However, for enterprises that don't want to spend their money on software-as-a-service (SaaS) licensing fees, openCRX offers a compelling open source, premises-based alternative. Like Salesforce, it's a web-based application designed to manage lead generation, sales, and support for the enterprise, but you install it on your own servers.

Linux-based TOR gadget protects IP identity

[pogoplug_safeplug-thm.jpg] Pogoplug announced a $49, Linux-based security device called the Safeplug that taps into the Tor network to hide your IP information when using the web.

Goodbye, Win XP - Hello, Linux?

At the same time, there is an increasingly compelling alternative some say may offer a smoother and easier transition. It's robust, it's secure, it's compatible with older hardware, and it's free. Its name, of course, is Linux.

Dell Builds New Linux Network Operating System

Joshipura said that Dell is not branding its new Linux-powered networking operating system on the N-series at this time. He stressed, however, that from a management perspective, Dell's networking solutions can all be managed seamlessly whether or not the system is Linux or FTOS.

Goldman Sachs, with 10,000 tech workers, embraces open systems

Goldman Sachs is a backer of the Open Compute Project, which was created by Facebook. The group is working to reduce hardware and data center costs with a more modular and open approach to hardware and management software.

Dell Partners with Red Hat for OpenStack Clouds

On the open source front, Dell announced a deal with Linux vendor Red Hat to co-engineer an enterprise-grade OpenStack private cloud solution.

Microsoft's licence riddles give Linux and pals a free ride to virtual domination

But most vendors said that this was irrelevant, because while VMware's licensing scheme is clear and simple, licensing virtualised Windows is horrifically complex – something that my esteemed co-author Trevor Pott covered in detail in the aforementioned e-book.

SAP to open-source developers: Work for the HANA cause

SAP is turning to the open-source development community to get more applications written for its HANA in-memory processing engine.

The open source solution to the bee colony collapse problem

This is a question the organisations Open Tech Forever and Fab Lab Barcelona have been wrestling with. Their answer is a collaborative, open source effort called the Open Source Beehives project. Their partnership has generated the creation of two beehive designs that can be freely downloaded (and 3D printed) and filled with innovative sensors to log and track bee colony health using the Smart Citizen kit.

Oracle showers gold on OpenStack, dreams of open-source splashback

Oracle has started sponsoring an open-source cloud tech that it already uses within its commercial offerings, as the company tentatively embraces a market it once reckoned inconsequential.

Activision Is Preventing A Game From Coming To Linux

Figured this deserved its own thread. I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but my previous statement that GK would be available on Linux turns out to be incorrect. I can't even begin to imagine why, but Activision isn't allowing the game to be made for that platform. Just PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Talend Raises $40M for Open Source Big Data

Talend, which developers integrative Big Data tools based on open source technologies like Hadoop and NoSQL, has secured $40 million in new funding.

New indiegogo project to turn your Android device into a full Linux desktop computer

Zac Powell, the lead developer of the Complete Linux Installer app which allows you to install Linux alongside Android on your smartphone or tablet, has launched a new indiegogo project to turn your Android device into a full Linux desktop computer.

Dreamhost Aims to Accelerate OpenStack Cloud Adoption

The company is now expanding its lineup with new cloud compute and storage services, leveraging the open-source OpenStack platform serving as the foundation. Helping to fuel Dreamhost's expansion is a new $30 million round of financing.

Curoverse Gets $1.5M to Develop Open Source Genomics Tool

Boston-based Curoverse is announcing today that it’s raised $1.5 million in seed funding to continue developing Arvados, an open source computational platform that houses massive amounts of genomic data.

Ubuntu Might Replace Windows XP in South Korea

“According to an industry source on December 15, there is a heated discussion about replacing Windows XP with an alternative OS in IT communities at home and abroad, since the market for PC operating systems (OS) has been divided into largely MS windows and Mac OS, without any other significant operating systems. But the issue of a third option has now become a reality, as Windows XP is going to be retired,” states the publication.

Taking stock of 2013's crowdfunded Linux devices

Of the 19 such products listed below, five were never successfully crowdfunded. Of these unfunded devices, all but one appear to be moving forward with alternative funding. In fact, one — CrystalFontz America’s CFA10036 module — has already shipped.

The Linux Software Store Conundrum

Whether you hated or loved the company Linspire before Xandros purchased the brand, the fact of the matter is that the early days of its Click-n-Run (CNR) Warehouse was years ahead of its time.

The People Who Support Linux: Snowden Revelations Spur Engineer's Open Source Donation

By reading the ongoing media coverage of the Snowden leaks, Kies learned for the first time about zero-day exploits, backdoors and state-approved trojan viruses. He objects to corporations and governments spying on private citizens and cites articles on ZDNet, ArsTechnica and InformationWeek as being pivotal in changing his perceptions on this topic.

Five reasons why the Ubuntu tablet could shock naysayers in 2014

The Ubuntu tablet will happen. When it does, there should be a lot of naysayers out there redacting their claims of doubt. I, for one, am excited about the possibility of the Ubuntu tablet. The tablet space is in dire need of something as powerful, flexible, and secure as a Linux tablet. If Mark Shuttleworth and Canonical have their way, 2014 will be the year to silence the naysayers.

ISO: Open-source tools to liberate data from PDFs

The hackathon will encourage developers to build upon existing open-source PDF extraction solutions by creating additional features, extensions and plugins to the software to make PDFs more flexible and useful. In addition, hackers will have the option of using licensed PDF software libraries as long as the implementation cost of these libraries is less than $1,000.

Jolicloud 2 offers a one-stop shop to your social and Cloud storage accounts

Jolicloud 2 will be the next version of Jolicloud, a Cloud service that aggregates all the popular and not-so popular Cloud services.

BitHub Pays Open-Source Developers in Bitcoin

Privacy software provider WhisperSystems has announced that it is integrating bitcoin with open-source code hosting site GitHub to launch a new service, Bithub. This service will offer the company’s developers an easy and fair way to fund their work on its open-source security systems.

Mozilla Bringing Firefox OS to TVs, Tablets, Desktops

The Linux-based operating system is expanding from smartphones to more devices, as Panasonic embraces Firefox OS for a new generation of smart TVs.

Android desktops arrive as Lenovo eyes your living room

Lenovo on Sunday rolled out an Android all-in-one home computer designed to be a living room multimedia PC. Should Android-powered PCs do well it would further disrupt the PC market and splinter the operating system selection a bit more.

Google launches Android automotive consortium

Google announced an Open Automotive Alliance with Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai, and Nvidia to ease integration with Android and standardize Android IVI systems.

Open-source competition for Android, iOS

The open source offering called Tizen, based on the Linux operating system, is expected to be installed on telephones sold from the end of March, NTT Docomo spokesman Jun Otori told AFP.

Intel finishes work on 64-bit Android 4.4 for x86 smartphones

Intel has completed work on a 64-bit version of Android OS for x86 smartphones, and the software will be ready to load on handsets with its upcoming Atom 64-bit chip code-named Merrifield.

Multi-Protocol SoftEther VPN Becomes Open Source

The service relies on volunteers with a broadband connection to download the server software and set up Public VPN Relay Servers for others to use. Initially, that number was around 100, today there are over 5200 of these servers around the world.

1 PC, 2 operating systems: Intel introduces Dual OS, AMD adds Android apps to Windows

With Intel, AMD, HP, Lenovo, and Asus all throwing their weight behind Android on the desktop, this isn't just a shot in the dark. Serious businesses believe that Android has a real role on the desktop. For that matter, Microsoft—of all companies!—seems to think people will want a dual-boot Android/Windows smartphone.

Attempt to bring OS X apps to Linux springs back into action

Similar to how Wine allows Windows applications to run on Linux OS the Darling project is trying to build a software compatibility layer to run OS X apps.

Novena whips up an open source laptop from scratch

This week in Make magazine, Huang and Cross displayed the results of the first 18 months of their research: the Novena Project, an attempt to create a notebook computer using nothing but open source hardware and software. Cost wasn't a concern; making it thin and light weren't important either. What did matter was making something that was open, hackable, and reasonably useful.

Violett, GhostControl Inc And More Linux Games New On Desura

For those not keeping up, Desura has added a ton of games recently so it's time to highlight them! Useful for those of you who prefer other stores than Steam or don't like all your eggs in one basket.

New software tools help developers create Bitcoin-friendly Android apps

The companies have released a software development kit (SDK) that aims to make it easy for Android developers to build apps that process Bitcoin payments.

Open Source Storage Relaunches With New Platform

OSS’s new Niazi 1.618 Middleware System enables OSS customers to expand proprietary data storage by using lower-cost open source IT.

James Gosling Grades Oracle's Handling of Sun's Tech

Gosling gives Oracle eyebrow-raising grades, lauding Oracle's handling of Java, despite his past acrimony toward Oracle over Java, and giving Oracle a flat-out failing grade on what has become of Solaris OS.

Jolla Review: Some Rough Edges, But This Linux Smartphone Shows Promise

The Jolla’s OS (Sailfish OS) is the key reason to buy this handset, and it still requires a lot of work to bring it up to modern UI standards in terms of flow, connectedness, and ease of use.

Google acquires Nest, gains cool Linux IoT tech

The cash deal is Google’s second-largest after its $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility. Pending regulatory approval, the acquisition should close in a few months, said Google.

Intel's Bay Trail chip arriving on Android tablets in Q2

"Most of the Bay Trail Android tablets really start showing up more in Q2...remember we made a shift, the original program for Bay Trail was all Windows," he said during Intel's fourth-quarter earnings conference call.

Microsoft expands open-source efforts in Asia

"There is a very interesting open-source community in China and we want to work with them," said Gianugo Rabellino, Microsoft Open Technologies senior director. "Creating a subsidiary of Microsoft Open Technologies sends a very clear signal that we care about openness." + Also on NetworkWorld: Geekiest ice & snow sculptures +

NTT DoCoMo backs away from early 2014 Tizen release

NTT DoCoMo says it has scratched plans for a March launch of Samsung’s first Tizen smartphone, and the Japanese carrier offered no revised timetable.

Linus Torvalds Says All Contributor License Agreements Are Broken

“To be fair, people just like hating on Canonical. The FSF and Apache Foundation CLA's are pretty much equally broken. And they may not be broken because of any relicencing, but because the copyright assignment paperwork ends up basically killing the community.”

Open Source Hardware Gets CES Cred

For example, one of the biggest stories at this year’s CES was the abundance of wearable tech products being introduced, with big tech players hyping them as the next big thing.

Docker Raises $15M to Advance Open-Source Container Virtualization

It often takes real money to move virtualization technology forward, which is why open-source virtualization vendor Docker is now raising new funds. Docker announced today that it has raised $15 million in a new Series B round of funding led by Greylock Partners, with participation from Trinity Ventures, Benchmark and Insight Ventures. Total funding to date from Docker now stands at $26 million.

Bitcoin Baron Keeps a Secretive Open Source OS Alive

Recently, Theo de Raadt and the other engineers who oversee the OpenBSD operating system were hit with a $20,000 bill for the electricity that feeds the computers on which they test this venerable piece of software. fter they revealed that the bill could bring the project down, Mircea Popescu, the Romanian who runs the online bitcoin exchange MPEx, stepped in to save them.

Linux Game Sales Statistics From Multiple Developers

When you consider that just over a year ago Linux sales for developers on Steam would have officially been 0%, it's actually quite encouraging that after such a short time we are already making up 5% of sales for some of them.

An open source policy that works in practice

After due diligence, the Legal department allowed the use of the tool, provided that the team obtain an approval from their customer (read: the customer takes all responsibility and liability). The tool in question? The humble, unix2dos!

IBM Sells Server Business to Lenovo for $2.3 Billion

Financial terms of the deal have Lenovo paying IBM approximately $2 billion in cash with the remaining $300 million in Lenovo stock. In addition to the technology and the money, 7,500 IBM employees are now also being offered jobs by Lenovo.

Our hackers, who art in open source, deliver us from refrigerators

Hackers can turn smart TVs into surveillance devices. And refrigerators have started sending spam. It's only a matter of time before these once-trusted household appliances turn truly malicious.

Open Compute Project Takes on Converged Infrastructure, Saves Facebook $1 Billion

Today at the Open Compute Summit V event, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that in the last three years his company has saved a billion dollars Frankovsky by building out its infrastructure using OpenCompute designs.

Google Maps open-source rival gets huge boost as Telenav buys OpenStreetMap leader Skobbler

OSM founder Steve Coast recently joined Telenav, and Skobbler is the leader in OSM integration and commercial use.

Is the x86 server ready for open source?

This conference is about open source hardware, and in particular, x86 servers.

***** Snippets

Linux Mint 16 Improves Cinnamon Desktop

Beware of new worm targeting Linux PCs

How enterprises drive innovation through open source technologies

Out in the Open: The Place Where Android Thrives Outside of Google's Control

SuperTuxKart 0.8.1 Free Racing Game Has Been Released

Red Hat Advances OpenShift Enterprise Platform-as-a-Service

QEMU Open Source Virtualization Gains New Features

Inside The War For Top Developer Talent

How OpenStack differs from Amazon and must rise to the occasion

Build Your Own Simple Linux Banking Tool

Rage Under Wine, How It Performs

GNOME Boxes 3.11.2 Allows Import of Libvirt Virtual Machines

Open Source Is Here To Stay On IBM i

GNOME 3 Worst Linux Idea Yet

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Receives Major Kernel Update

Are Cloud Operating Systems the Next Big Thing?

PHP Flaw Threatens Embedded Linux Devices

Why Isn't Open Source A Gateway For Coders Of Color?

Interview with Adobe's open web standards guru

Linux Kernel 3.12.3 Is Now Available for Download

Is Docker the Future of Virtualization Security?

Up-and-Coming Open Source Projects for the Enterprise

Linux Mint 16 OEM Has Been Officially Released

Fixing the Nexus 5: with a new version of Android, Google tackles the camera

Fact sheet: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5

Linux 3.13 rc3

Linux Deepin 2013 Available For Download

Oracle integrates DTrace debugger into its Linux distribution

Today in Open Source: Should Microsoft and Sony worry about Valve and SteamOS?

IBM, Mirantis Launch OpenStack Benchmarking Tool

Zorin OS 7 Released - A Ultimate Linux Desktop with Windows 7 Feel

Convert and Manage Your eBook Library with Calibre 1.14

HP Launches Portal to Sell Its Software Online (Drupal!)

IBM's losing ground with Unix -- and Oracle may follow

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to Integrate Default Torrent Scope for Unity

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Set to Include Docker Container Virtualization

SolydXK hands on: Two good Linux distributions with a solid base

CentOS 6.5 desktop installation guide with screenshots

Embedded Linux dev tools speed up

IBM will be bringing KVM Linux virtualization to Power in 2014

Linux Mint Xfce 16 RC Petra - Still Looks Beautiful and Minimalistic

Mozilla Patches Firefox 26 With 14 Security Advisories

Android 4.4.2 KitKat update starts rolling out to Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10

Linux Foundation Builds Internet of Things Effort

Xen Project Builds Its Own Cloud OS Mirage

Ubuntu 13.10: The good, the bad and the ugly

Open Source, Closed Doors? FOSS and the Racial Divide

The Linux Desktop: 2013 in Review

ownCloud 6 Community Edition Officially Released with Innovative Features

The Geek's Guide to the Coolest 2013 Holiday Gifts

10 Linux distros to watch in 2014

WordPress 3.8 Content Management Platform Gets a New Look

MintBox 2 review - not as fresh, still as minty

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 beta arrives with MariaDB as its default database

Scaling up Open Source Comes to Campus

HP Korea Downsizes Unix Server Business

Firefox 27 Looks to Boost Web Security

28 Android security apps tested

GNOME Photos 3.11.3 Allows Users to Access Facebook Photos

Linux Kernel 3.12.5 Is Now Available for Download

Linux Mint 16 Petra, hands-on: Installing the Cinnamon, MATE, KDE and Xfce versions

CentOS 6.5 Review - Red Hat for all

Linux 3.13 rc4

Software May Be Eating The World, But Open Source Software Is Eating Itself

Exploring sustainable software for science

Security Big Part of Data Center Modernization Plans

Viewpoint: 5 open source myths

Ubuntu's Lonely Road

Epiphany 3.10.3 Brings Greater Web Compatibility

Building Secure Cloud Apps: CSA, SAFECode Provide Guidance

NetworkManager Gets A New Text Interface

Focus on Fedora 20 Features: Hadoop in Heisenbug

The Joomla! Project Announced Joomla! Framework

Pivotal Enterprise PaaS Integrates Open Source for Future Cloud Applications

Fedora 20 Linux Debuts, Improves Cloud Image

Kubuntu 13.10 - A great alternative to Mint and Ubuntu

GRUB Customizer 4 released. Install it on Ubuntu 13.10 and Linux Mint 16

Administer WordPress like a pro with WP-CLI

Exclusive Research: How Are Enterprises Deploying SDN?

2013: The Year of Linux on the... Everything

WordPress - Too Fast For Comfort

Increasing interest in Linux technologies continues to drive Unix to Linux migration

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 4.0 Reaches General Availability

Fedora 20 Codenamed "Heisenbug" Released - Installation Guide with Screenshots

Drupal 8 to take open source CMS 'to the next level'

The Ultimate Guide to Open Source Software

Ubuntu Linux, Edge, Desktop and the Wearable Computing Future

openSUSE asks: What Does The Chameleon Say?

A Few Grains of Sand in the FOSS Bucket

Focus on Fedora 20 Features: ARM

What's Next for OpenStack Open Source Cloud Computing

SDN in 2014: More Adoption and More Money for Vendors

VIDEO: David Meyer, Chairman of the OpenDaylight Technical Steering Committee

What's New in January 2014 for Open-Source CMS

Open Source ownCloud Project Puts IT in File Synchronization Control

Facebook 9 top open-source projects from 2013

Linux Kernel 3.12.6 Is Now Available for Download

Things to do after installing Fedora 20

LinuxDevices content returns to the Web

Monitorix 3.4.0 Released: A Lightweight System and Network Monitoring Tool for Linux

GM of CA Technologies: 3 mainframes replaced 100's of Linux blades

Ubuntu Linux, Edge, Desktop and the Wearable Computing Future

Gift Guide: Our Favorite Android Phone

Linux is Everywhere. We show you exactly where

Out in the Open: Ex-Google Ad Man Saves You From Ad Hell

Nuxeo Platform 5.9.1 Is Out

Fedora Utils: An overview

Linux Foundation Highlights Linux for Mobile, Cars, Gaming, Cloud

Is Linux Mint the most popular desktop distro?

Linux 3.13 rc6

All Linux Distributions Store Wi-Fi Passwords in Plain Text If You Don't Use Encryption

Introducing Ubuntu Unity for Arch Linux

Exclusive Research: Server Virtualization Usage Varies by Enterprise Size

Lumpis Linux: A Windows Users Dream if I Ever Did See One

eWEEK at 30: Linux Makes Open Source a Software Industry Force

Ubuntu Linux WiFi Security: Don't Blame Canonical

Nginx joins the big leagues in Ubuntu Server

Fedora 20 Linux: Problems Supporting AMD Video Hardware

Is Bitbucket or GitHub the host with the most?

The rise of Drupal and the fall of closed source

Control your Raspberry Pi robot from a web-connected device

eBook Reader and Editing Software Calibre 1.18 Is Almost Perfect

Ubuntu 13.10 vs. Fedora 20 Benchmarks

Linux 3.13 rc7

Ubuntu 13.10 - The Marmite operating system

The Iconic Linksys WRT Router is Back

Raspberry Pi: Hands On with Arch Linux and Pidora

7 Surprises At Red Hat Partner Conference

Download Linux Kernel 3.13 Release Candidate 7

How to deal with a difficult programmer on an open source project

Red Hat incorporates 'free' Red Hat clone CentOS

Why Red Hat Needs OpenStack ... And AWS

Developers mull adding data nuke to Kali Linux

Concrete5: The simple but powerful CMS you've never heard of

4 reasons companies say yes to open source

Arch Linux's First Release of 2014 Is Available for Download

25 Apache Interview Questions for Beginners and Intermediates

Ubuntu 12.04.4 Officially Arrives on February 6

Red Hat Invests in Open Source IaaS, Cloud Talent

KDE 4.11.5 Officially Released, Fixes over 65 Bugs

Using OpenStreetMap to respond to disasters before they happen

Inxi is an amazing tool to check hardware information on Linux

Siduction 2013.2 review

How NoSQL will power the Internet of Things

Red Hat Embraces Rival CentOS

Google, Synnex Partnership: More Chromebooks In Schools

GNOME 3.11.3 Is Now Available for Testing

Fedora 20 Officially Released for IBM System z 64-Bit

Dammit Jim, I'm a Doctor, Not a Computer Engineer

A Kali Linux cryptsetup patch that can nuke an encrypted disk

What's New in Drupal 7.25

6 great Linux based operating systems for netbooks

Fedora 21 Won't Be Released Before August

Meet Korora 20 - It's like Fedora, but Better

Nameless Fedora 21 Linux Is an Opportunity for Growth

Linux Mint 16 "Petra" Cinnamon, KDE and MATE review

Linux Foundation Set to Produce Apachecon Conference

5 Linux Distributions that deserves more Love

Android 4.4 KitKat now on 1.4 percent of all Android devices

Enterprise-ready open source gains traction

A timely call for a secure yet open cloud

Announcing Apache CloudStack 4.2.1

Linux 3.13 rc8

Collectl is a powerful tool to monitor system resources on Linux

Linux music player group test

Nginx Plus 2.0 Includes Improved Java Apps Support, Other Enhancements

Four Linux distros for kids

GNOME: Key to Linux Desktop Unification?

Linux Mint 16: No Surprises, but Plenty of Solid Improvements

Those Krazy Kids & KDE

Ubuntu 13.04 Received Its Last Major Kernel Update

Puppet Labs's third annual DevOps survey is wrapping up this week

The Small Biz Guide to Understanding Linux & Open Source

The mixed fate of Sun under Oracle

Canonical Engages Ubuntu Community for App Development

Apache Foundation and Linux Foundation join forces for ApacheCon

Google Releases Chrome 32 Stable for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X

Red Hat, Partners Collaborate on Amazon AWS Cloud Trials

Open Source PHP 5.5 and 5.4 Updated

Is CentOS ready for the Linux desktop?

Four projects for parents to teach their kids about open hardware and electronics

Zato—Agile ESB, SOA, REST and Cloud Integrations in Python

Convirture announces easy-to-use Hyper-V management platform

Glib 2.39.3 Brings No Major Changes, But Lots of Fixes

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to Implement the Bleeding Edge GRUB 2.02 Beta 2 Boot Loader

GNOME Documents 3.11.4 Renames GNOME Control Center to Settings

What GitHub is doing for women developers, Tim O'Reilly speaks on open data, and more

0 A.D. Open Source RTS Continues Progressing Towards Next Alpha

3 Best Bitcoin Clients for Ubuntu

Internet Explorer 7 and Adobe Lightroom 4 Now Work with Wine 1.7.11

Leadwerks Game Creation Kit Has Fixed Two Major Linux Blockers

Linux 3.13

Linux 3.13 Improves Networking, Memory Performance

Pear OS downloads removed

Red Hat Promotes Open Source Software-Defined Storage

Raspberry Pi hands-on: PiHub and Bluetooth

FreeBSD 10.0 lands, targets VMs and laptops

Mageia 4 RC Is Out, Mandriva Spirit Is Still Alive

What is with all these Linux distributions?

GNOME PackageKit 3.11.4 Released with Important Bugfixes

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.3 Gets Real

Open Source FreeBSD 10 Takes on Virtualization

You Say GIMP Was Right

Was Apple involved in the death of Pear OS?

Git Is Giving Subversion A Run For Its Money: What Took So Long?

Mars Kids Explore Their Potential With Kano

Cisco Commercializes OpenDaylight SDN with XNC

Red Hat ups its virtualization and cloud game

Eye of GNOME 3.11.4 Uses Python 3.x for Python Plugins

Install Zarafa On CentOS 6.5 - An Alternative To Microsoft Exchange Mail Server

Think Like Linux, Act Like UPS, Smile Like Amazon: Toward Open Source Logistics

Xen PVH Is Landing For The Linux 3.14 Kernel

Git v1.9 rc0

Open Source Power for Small Business in 2014

Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) Might Drop OpenJDK 7 (Java Support)

Why Google Android software is not as free or open-source as you may think

WordPress 3.8.1 Updates Open-Source CMS

Women in Open Source Week

Quirky Linux Gets More Pep Out of Puppy

Why The Linux Desktop Doesn't Matter Anymore

Kubuntu 14.04 Alpha 2 Released with Improved USB Creator

Top 10 Tips For Linux Beginners

SkySQL goes after Oracle MySQL with enterprise release

Sword Of The Stars: The Pit & Ground Pounders Soon To Arrive On Linux

Hacking Open the Data Center

Tracking NYC rats with open data, keeping the Internet of Things open, and more

MariaDB Open-Source Database Gets Enterprise Release

GNOME Boxes 3.11.4 Adds a Logo for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Chrome Eavesdropping, Balkanized Internet & More...

Open source venture that's profited from Oracle's actions

KDE Desktop Vs. GNOME Apps: The Great Paradox

5 Bleeding Edge Linux Distributions that are Actually Stable

Ubuntu 13.04 Is No Longer Supported, Upgrade to Ubuntu 13.10 Now

Unity3D Web Player In Linux Browsers Thanks To Pipelight

5 Must Have Steam Titles on Linux

GNOME Software App Adds Ardour to the Featured List

Linux Kernel Block Maintainer Joins Facebook

OpenStack Retools to Engage More Cloud User Feedback, Interoperability

Even North Korea Loves Linux and Open Source

Should I use a permissive license? Copyleft? Or something in the middle?

Why do Windows journalists have to trash Linux?

Gluster Vs. Ceph: Open Source Storage Goes Head-To-Head

Why the elementary OS team is the perfect home for Shotwell

Dell Embraces Cumulus Linux for Networking

Open source events grow at the university

New Google Chrome 32 Release Fixes Mouse Pointer and Quicktime Issues

Why Red Hat's Roger Egan Joined Docker

Writing HiDPI patches for LibreOffice

What Chrome OS Needs to Expand Adoption

Dell buys into the open-source network

Open-Source Filezilla At Risk?

openSUSE 12.2 Is Officially Dead

Major Trine Update Coming & Linux Version Heading To Steam

Wikipedia dodges critical vulnerability in open source platform that could have let attackers take over

AMD, ARM and Andreessen

Stealthy Botnet Bug Infects Macs, PCs, Linux Machines,news-18260.html

Linux Kernel 3.13 Gets Its First Update

ARM is not about the status quo : Open source breeds new architectures

Linus Torvalds and other developers are leaving Bitcoins on the table

FreeBSD 10 Open-Source OS Comes to the PC-BSD 10 Desktop

How I fell back in love with GNOME

Zorin OS 8 Core Quick Screenshot Tour

QupZilla 1.6.1 QtWebKit Browser Adds New Features

It's Not Just Android: 3 Upcoming Linux Mobile Operating Systems

RT-enhanced Linux stack aims at comms gear

Why Did Linux Mint Ax mintConstructor?

Maintenance - The Achilles Heel of Linux

Open source internships make great career starters

How to keep your Linux-heavy data center up and running

Windows XP home users should upgrade to Linux -- not Windows 8.1

Open-Source Cloud Hardware Grows Up Fast

New Kernel Vulnerability Affects Ubuntu 13.10

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