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Business Structures, Governance, Setup
Advice on incorporation
Contractor and Employee Agreements
Drafting and negotiating Agreements (shareholder agreements, company rules or constitutions,
investment agreements, services agreements)
Drafting, reviewing and updating policies
Software development agreements
Technology (eg hardware, software, firmware) Sale agreements
Technology Support Agreements
Software as a Service/Cloud Computing
Hosting Agreements (eg for infrastructure providers)
Software licensing agreements (for licensing software to be used in provding the service)
Vendor Agreements (for operators of on line marketplaces)
Membership agreements
Procurement and RFTs
Preparing terms covering a request for tender for issuance by a customer
Preparing agreement terms for a customer to be applied to successful tenderer
Reviewing request for tender agreements, preparing compliance responses for terms and conditions (for tenderers)
Preparing proposed variations to agreements for inclusion in tender responses (for tenderers)
IP Registers and Due Diligence
Review existing IP agreements/arrangements in the course of an acquisition
Review existing obligations in relation to IP for the preparation of IP Policies
Preparing or updating IP Policies
Creating or updating IP Registers
Reviewing IP Arrangements of Employees and Contractors
Policy Development
Identifying Stakeholders and their interests
Advice on balancing your objectives against third party rights and interests
Dispute Resolution
My current primary area of practice is in commercial law. If you are involved in, or likely to become involved in, litigation my approach will probably be to help you find appropriate representation. That said, I have several years of experience as a litigator in arbitration and courts in NSW (including, many years ago, patent litigation on teabags of all things!). I have completed a LEADR Mediation Workshop and am able to assist in alternative dispute resolution leading up to the commencement of litigation. This includes drafting and responding to letters of demand.

Recent Papers:

Research Note: Trade Practices Implications of Infringing Copies of Open Source Software
Software Patents: Microsoft Jumps the Shark
Reading the BSD License in Isolation
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