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Open Source Law Publications

OSL has a long standing tradition of community participation. Part of that participation includes the expression of opinions and the promotion of analysis and ideas through the publication of papers on topics of interest to the community. Papers are generally related to intellectual property law, technology, the social consequences of either, or some mix of two or more of these.

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OSL Recent Papers
Research Note: Trade Practices Implications of Infringing Copies of Open Source Software
Software Patents: Microsoft Jumps the Shark
Reading the BSD License in Isolation
The Open Source Legal Landscape (PDF)
Use of Open Source in Government - Summary of Findings
UNSW Law 2021 Class Notes
Impending Anti Access Laws and Open Source
Government use of FOSS Here and Around the World
Lock In Software
Open Source and the IT Deficit
SuperCharging Innovation - Software Access Regime Draft White Paper
Four Free Software Fallacies
Why Free Software's Long Run TCO must be Lower
Kazaa - Time to Rethink Authorization?
OSL Submissions
Prime Minister's Community Business Partnership Public Request for New Ideas in Relation to Encouraging Philanthropy August 03
Advisory Council on Intellectual Property: Patenting of Business Systems October 2002
Senate Judiciary Committee (US) Protecting Works in the Digital Age 22 April 2002
Submission to Standing Committee on Social Issues (NSW) in relation to Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Enforcement Amendment Bill 2002
Attorney General NSW (Crimes Act (Cybercrime) Amendment Bill 2001) 2001
South Australia Senate Select Committee re Internet Censorship Bill 29 June 2001
Office of Film and Literature Classification Inquiry into rating of Computer Games 31 October 2001


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