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Open Source Law Past Projects

OSL is continually working on open source related projects for its clients. From time to time projects that OSL has participated in are listed in this section, subject to the client's agreement. The nature of law is such that it is not possible to disclose all projects because of client confidentiality. Further, open source is such that many businesses feel that keeping their open source involvement secret is a business advantage. Listed below are projects of significance which have not been excluded by these criteria:

  • SFE Corporation Limited: Advice on procurement issues
  • Aristocrat Technologies Australia: General IT advice, drafting
  • NSW Dept of Commerce: Engaged to provide wide ranging legal advice on Open Source
  • NSW Roads and Traffic Authority: Advice on open source rollout
  • NSW Dept of Health: Advice on release of NetEpi software as open source
  • ArgusConnect: Advice on release of health messaging system as open source, structuring advice
  • Dimension Data Australia Pty Limited: General IT advice, drafting
  • Unwired Australia Pty Limited: General IT advice, procurement advice

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